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EEC-IV Fault Codes

Here we have Ford Wiring Diagrams and related pages.


Electronic Fuel Injection

    Ford EFI injector wiring conversion (Bank firing to Independently fired) - Figure A

    1990 5.0 HO EFI Mustang Wiring - Drawing A

    Ford 7.4 IDI Diesel Glo-plug controller by-bass wiring. - Figure A

    EGR eliminator Instructions - in a .PDF file


Ignition System

           Dura Spark II

  1. Duraspark Ignition -no dropping resistor Drawing A
  2. Duraspark II wiring - Drawing A
  3. durasparkwiring - Drawing A
  4. durasparkapplication - Drawing A
  5. durasparkfinal - Drawing A
  6. 76-77 Duraspark II - Color - Drawing A
  7. duraspark-wiring - Drawing A
  8. 1975-1979 DuraSpark mustang ignition control module schematic - Drawing A


Power Seats:

         57-64 Mercury (57-59 seat O matic), 57-60 Edsel, 57-64 Thunderbird (4-way & 6-way) - Figure A

         57-65 Lincoln (4-way & 6-way), 57 Continental 6-way, 63-64 Mercury 6-way - Figure A


Convertible tops:

         60-63 Thunderbird Figure A

         61-64 Lincoln Continental Figure A


Door Locks:

         1957-58 Lincoln Continental Figure A

         1959-60 Lincoln Continental Figure A

         1961-65 Lincoln Convertible Figure A

         1961-65 Lincoln Sedan Figure A



     Headlight wiring upgrade. Use Halogen lights with your old wiring harness. - Figure A

     Typical headlight wiring diagram Figure B

      Typical relay wiring diagram Figure C

      Typical relay pin-out diagram Figure D


Generator & Alternators:

    Ford 1-G alternator wiring - Figure A

    Ford 3G Alternator wiring - Figure A

    Voltage regulator - Ford Drawing A

    Generator to Alternator conversion diagram and Tec tips. - Figure A

    Generator wiring 1964-1/2   and Alternator wiring 1965 and up. - Figure A

    How to polarize a generator. - Text Document

    Ford Alternator system wiring with a gauge. - Figure A

    Ford Alternator system wiring with a light. - Figure A


Diagrams and such:

    57_ford_wiring - Drawing A

    1964 F-100 Wiring locator Drawing A

    65 Mustang wiring diagram-1 Drawing A

    65 Mustang wiring diagram-2 Drawing B

    69 Torino Wiring Diagram - Drawing A



    Easy Wire Mustang Installation Manual - in a .PDF file

    73 Torino Wiring Diagram - in a .PDF file

    1984  to 86 Ford Glow Plug wiring - Drawing A

    1987 Ford Glow Plug wiring - Drawing A

    91 Ford chassis Wiring Diagram - Drawing A

    91 Ford chassis Wiring Diagram - Drawing B

    91 Ford engine Wiring Diagram - Drawing  A

    91 Ford Glow Plug Relay - Drawing A

    91 Ford Glow Plug location on engine - Drawing A

    91 Ford Glow Plug Wiring Diagram - Drawing A

    91 Ford Glow Plug harness pin-outs - Drawing A

    91 Ford Fuse Locations - Drawing A

    91 Ford Pickup  F350 complete diagram - in a.PDF file

    2003 Mustang Convertible Top Diagnosis / Testing - in a .PDF file



    Cooling fan relay. - Figure A

    67 Mustang Vacuum Tube Routing - AC Drawing A

    AOD Neutral Safety Switch - Drawing A

    Late Model Pinto warning light. - Figure A


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